We are a charitable organization created in 2007 by locals and resident foreigners to generate funding and undertake work projects in response to an increasing need to protect, preserve and restore the Cappadocian cave architecture as well as the unique environment and cultural heritage of Goreme village and surrounds.

Cappadocia is famous for it's spectacular fairy chimney rock formations, frescoed churches, subterranean cities as well as thousands of dwellings carved from the caves .

The larger area of Cappadocia is a UNESCO World Heritage site, but small villages like Goreme and their poorer inhabitants often lack the funds and skills necessary to preserve their traditional home environments. This becomes increasingly important as natural erosion, rapid development and tourism continue to encroach.

As Goreme Charity Restoration Fund, our current projects are:
  • Sourcing traditional building materials for the restoration of non commercial cave dwellings
  • Training new craftsmen in ancient stone carving techniques
  • Sponsorship and preservation of local arts & crafts
  • Cleaning and restoration of the visual environment
    • replacing breeze block and concrete walls with traditional stone
    • removing rubbish and corrugated iron within the village
  • Preserving cultural landmarks
    • repairing ancient stone grinding mills
    • repairing community water fountains etc.
    • restoring the lesser known 6th century Bezirhane church to be used for traditional cultural events
  • Cave Homes Open For Charity Tour
    • This tour is to provide you with the unique oppurtunity to explore the traditional and restored cave homes of local and foreign residents. Please visit Cave Homes Open For Charity Tour page for further information.

We need your help and funding in the following ways:
  • Give a single donation

  • Provide corporate sponsorship

  • - The sponsorship of Travel agencies and companies that regularly visit Cappadocia will be especially welcomed

  • Sponsor a specific project
    - Buy old stones to restore a dwelling
    - Train a stone carver for a day
    - Repair an ancient stone grinding mill
    - Repair a community water fountain
    - Restore the magnificant Bezirhane Church

  • Travel Donation
  • - Goreme Charity Fund boxes will be located at tourist sites and businesses throughout Cappadocia.
As we are a small charity with a large group of volunteers
and helpers all your funds will go directly to a specified Project.

Our special thanks to The Intrepid Foundation and all our generous donors.
Your support has enabled us to establish the Old Goreme Charity Fund and proceed with many of the restoration projects. All donations and sponsorship will be acknowledged on either our charity donors page of this website or by a donors plaque/community noticeboard placement.

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