Our Special Thanks to the following people for their generous donations, sponsorship and support!

- INTREPID Travel Foundation
- Gourlay Family Trust

Their contribution has been invaluable in funding materials, labour and skills
to preserve the traditional and unique environment of Goreme Village.

In addition we would like to thank to following people for their time and energies
in the setup and on going project work of this charity.

- Nico Leyssen (Loan of Mehmetpasa Konagi)
- Mustafa Kursad Turgut (Website Design)
- Met Ajans (Logo Design)
- Turgay Duran (Logo Graphics)
- Laura Prusoff (Photographs)

Ali Yavuz / Kelebek Hotel
Ruth Lockwood / Tribal Collections
 Vice President
Andus Emge / Fairy Chimney Inn
Dervis Olmez / Flintstones Pension
Pat Yale / Writer
Faruk Sagcan / Architect
Mustafa Kursad Turgut / Heritage Travel
Osman Ozbek / Hitchhiker Rental
Mehmet Dasdeler, Bekir Coskun, Dervis Dural, Ziya Dasdeler, Yuksel Erkin

Ihsan Ozer, Ali Riza Maden, Teyfik Olmez, Nico Leyssen

Fatma Turgut

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